Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Ethel & the Chordtones consists of vocalist Julie Hardy and guitarist/producer Mike MacAllister. Ethel's bluesy swagger marks a return to Hardy's roots as a jazz and blues songstress. MacAllister, who has gained a reputation as an electronic music producer, revisits the sounds of his early days of playing in garage rock bands. Their single “Trouble (ft. Ryan Levine of Wildling) (2015) was featured in the Entourage The Movie film trailer. “Serious Craving” the second single off their EP “Trouble” can be heard on advertisements for Diet Coke, Lexus and Haagen Dazs. Ethel & The Chordtones recently released a new single "Come on Over" in February 2018.  The band continues to work on new material and has 2 more singles lined up for release in 2018.